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Re: kern/46547: umass: sd crashes when synchronizing cache while trying to suspend

The following reply was made to PR kern/46547; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Nat Sloss <>
Subject: Re: kern/46547: umass: sd crashes when synchronizing cache while 
trying to suspend
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2012 02:52:23 +1000

 Sorry for taking so long to respond.  I was trying to suspend on usb with a 
 new usb flash drive and a new laptop.
 I was running a i386 build so changes relating to amd64 should not apply 
 hopefully and I was running a lockdebug kernel no messages about locks or 
 condvars, no messages from lockdebug at all.
 I did manage to fix it by adding my usbkey to the quirks file.
 Here are my patches:
 Index: usb/usbdevs
 RCS file: /cvsroot/src/sys/dev/usb/usbdevs,v
 retrieving revision 1.622
 diff -u -r1.622 usbdevs
 --- usb/usbdevs 31 May 2012 12:29:15 -0000      1.622
 +++ usb/usbdevs 29 Aug 2012 16:50:05 -0000
 @@ -2603,6 +2603,7 @@
  product SANDISK SDDR09         0x0200  ImageMate SDDR-09
  product SANDISK SDDR86         0x0621  ImageMate SDDR-86
  product SANDISK SDDR75         0x0810  ImageMate SDDR-75
 +product SANDISK CRUZER         0x5530  Cruzer
  product SANDISK SANSA_CLIP     0x7433  Sansa Clip
  /* Sanwa Supply products */
 RCS file: /cvsroot/src/sys/dev/usb/umass_quirks.c,v
 retrieving revision 1.93
 diff -u -r1.93 umass_quirks.c
 --- usb/umass_quirks.c  3 Mar 2012 21:35:32 -0000       1.93
 +++ usb/umass_quirks.c  29 Aug 2012 16:52:32 -0000
 @@ -274,6 +274,17 @@
 +        * SanDisk Cruzer rejects cache sync.
 +        */
 +         0,
 +         NULL, NULL
 +       },
 +       /*
          * SanDisk Sansa Clip rejects cache sync in unconventional way.
          * However, unlike some other devices listed in this table,
          * this is does not cause the device firmware to stop responding.
 Note:  These patches are my own work which I submit under the NetBSD license.
 This fixed the problem and it sleeps, but usb power is lost whilst sleeping so 
 the drive detaches and attaches upon resuming it would be good if drives were 
 unmounted when entering sleep and remounted as they are reattached after 

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