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Re: port-i386/46783: Boot hang on install CD

On Aug 9, 12:37pm, (Jeff Rizzo) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: port-i386/46783: Boot hang on install CD

| This workaround does, in fact, make i386 boot for me while my SATA 
| controller is in AHCI mode.  My opinion is that it should be committed 
| on the branch as a patch (so that a real fix can be made on the trunk), 
| and netbsd-6 RC1 released.  Can anyone else try?  My .iso that I tested 
| is here:
| ...if anyone else wants to test.  It's -current plus the patch in that 
| email.

I am not too happy about not understanding why this makes booting work,
but I guess this is an acceptable fix for now. The other item we need
to decide about is if we should pull openssl too. I've seen the trap.c
fixes for sparc64 and powerpc pulled up alredy.


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