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Re: port-i386/46783: Boot hang on install CD

On Aug 9,  3:35am, (Jeff Rizzo) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: port-i386/46783: Boot hang on install CD

|  I can confirm both the originally-reported problem (i386 cd boot fails, 
|  amd64 cd boot succeeds) on my newly-built system with a Gigabyte 
|  GA-H67-USB3-B3 motherboard, and the workaround:  if I switch the SATA 
|  controller to IDE mode from AHCI in the BIOS, it boots OK under i386.
|  When it hangs, it then panics somewhere in USB as soon as I hit a key on 
|  the USB keyboard.

Let's commit and pullup the fix then! It brings us closer to the release point!


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