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Re: port-alpha/46776: NetBSD alpha crashes with Delock 81940 multifunction PCI card

Yes, no problem:

cpu_Debugger() at netbsd:cpu_Debugger+0x4
vpanic() at netbsd:vpanic+0x274
panic() at netbsd:panic+0x54
machine_check() at netbsd:machine_check+0x2a0
interrupt() at netbsd:interrupt+0x270
XentInt() at netbsd:XentInt+0x1c
--- interrupt (from ipl 6) ---
cia_swiz_io_read_2() at netbsd:cia_swiz_io_read_2+0x18
uhci_pci_attach() at netbsd:uhci_pci_attach+0x100
config_attach_loc() at netbsd:config_attach_loc+0x298
pci_probe_device() at netbsd:pci_probe_device+0x5b8
pci_enumerate_bus() at netbsd:pci_enumerate_bus+0x210
pcirescan() at netbsd:pcirescan+0x3c
pciattach() at netbsd:pciattach+0x294
config_attach_loc() at netbsd:config_attach_loc+0x298
ciaattach() at netbsd:ciaattach+0x2c0
config_attach_loc() at netbsd:config_attach_loc+0x298
mbattach() at netbsd:mbattach+0x164
config_attach_loc() at netbsd:config_attach_loc+0x298
cpu_configure() at netbsd:cpu_configure+0x30
main() at netbsd:main+0x5b8
locorestart() at netbsd:locorestart+0x64
--- root of call graph ---

On Wed, Aug 8, 2012 at 12:09 AM, matthew green <> 
> can you provide the backtrace?  "bt" from ddb works.
> thanks.
> .mrg.

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