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Re: lib/46661: libpthread shouldn't provide __res_state()

On Jul 5,  3:10pm, river%RT.UK.EU.ORG@localhost (River Tarnell) wrote:
-- Subject: lib/46661: libpthread shouldn't provide __res_state()
| I've looked through the code and I don't see any reason why _res can't be
| used from a program that links with -lpthread.  While it's not a thread-safe
| interface, using it from a single thread would appear to work fine.

There is plenty good reason for not doing that; using the non-threaded
versions of the resolver variable will not just "work fine". Just read
the code (in res_send.c).

Instead start using the thread-safe versions of the functions (it is
as simple as changing res_send() to res_nsend() for example and managing
your own _res_state with res_ninit()/res_nclose()). They've been there for
almost a decade now, and there is no excuse for dicking with _res directly


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