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Re: port-sparc64/46652 (sparc fails to load kernel viatftp)

Hi Tsutsui-san,

Thus wrote Izumi Tsutsui (

> What kind of comment is reasonable for you?

From this discussion, it might need this:

 * libsa's tftp_open expects a pointer to netdev_sock, i.e. an (int *),
 * in f_devdata, a pointer to which gets handed down from devopen().
 * Do not expect booting via different methods to have the same
 * requirements or semantics.
 * net_tftp_bootp uses net_mountroot_bootp because that incidentially does
 * most of what it needs to do. It of course in no manner actually mounts
 * anything, all that routine actually does is prepare the socket for the
 * necessary net access, and print info for the user.

net_tftp_bootp(struct of_dev *op)

-- (S.P.Zeidler)

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