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re: kern/45909 (Use of MIDI over USB interfaces crashes NetBSD)

> writes:
> > i think this is all fixed now.  can you confirm?  thanks.
> It doesn't crash now, but it doesn't entirely work, either.  Reading
> from USB MIDI works fine, but writing, although not flagging any errors,
> doesn't work: nothing ever hits the synth.  My Roland UM-ONE interfaces
> have tx and rx LEDs, and with the new umidi driver, the tx LEDs stay
> dark during, say, 'midiplay -d [0|1] -x'.  (Everything worked while I
> was running the previous version with my modifications.)

hmmm.  i was seeing this as well, but when i tried to traack it down
the problem disappeared for me, i built a bunch of kernels going back
about a month - when i last tested it worked.

but now it's failing for me again, too.  investigating more now.

can you confirm that the previous version with your patches was
against umidi 1.55?  do you know the date of the rest of the
that tree?



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