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Re: bin/45911: Users cannot change passwords with current

>  The file permissions are setuid:
>  -r-sr-xr-x  2 root  wheel  82280 Jan 17 09:07 /usr/bin/passwd
>  Are you sure you updated correctly? In particular, if you extracted 
> tarballs, did you use 'p'?
>   Thomas

Sorry for the delay.  This problem appears on both my amd64 and i386 systems.
These are both updated following the tracking-current web page.  That is, 

$ cvs -q up -dP
$ ./ -O ../obj -T../tools -u -U tools
$ ./ -O ../obj -T../tools -u -U distribution
$ ./ -O ../obj -T../tools -u -U kernel=GENERIC
$ ./ -O ../obj -T../tools -u -U install=/


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