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Re: toolchain/44578 (cross-building netbsd5 on current-amd64 is missing /var/db/libc.tags)

On Sat, 31 Dec 2011, wrote:

Does this still happen? If so, could you provide the part of the build
log where it's supposed to build and install the libc tags? (This is
at the end of the build of libc.) It looks as if the makefile ignores
errors on those commands, which it probably shouldn't; however, that
means that whatever's going wrong doesn't stop the build.

You might also try fixing that in libc's makefile (remove the leading
dashes on the recipe lines for "tags:") and running a build; then
whatever's going wrong should make the build stop immediately.

I don't see anything different, unfortunately in any of my logs. Things
break in the middle of the cleandir stage and I see nothing interesting
even when I delete the leading dashes.

Hisashi T Fujinaka -
BSEE(6/86) + BSChem(3/95) + BAEnglish(8/95) + MSCS(8/03) + $2.50 = latte

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