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Re: bin/45678: cdplay produces no sound

On Sun, Dec 4, 2011, at 20:15, Matthew Mondor wrote:
>  On Sun,  4 Dec 2011 19:40:04 +0000 (UTC) "Ian D. Leroux"
>  <> wrote:
>  >   Analog mode did, however, formerly work on this machine, so I
>  >   would argue that its failure to do so with recent -current is
>  >   still a regression, unless analog mode has been officially
>  >   deprecated.
>  If so, I suspect the change was in the audio driver, where an input
>  channel is now muted, has low volume or analog passthrough is
>  unsupported.  I see various ~2 months old changes in
>  sys/dev/pci/hdaudio/hdafg.c which could possibly be related...

It looks like I may have to eat my words on this one.  I've just built
and tested kernels with sources from various times this year, going back
to March 10th (which is about as far back as I've had NetBSD on this
laptop), and with none of them does cdplay (built mid-November) play in
analogue mode.  That means:
- Maybe it never worked on this machine and I was just remembering it
  working on different hardware.
- Maybe it used to work, but the change was not in the kernel sources.
  Perhaps I inadvertantly changed something in my configuration.  In
  principle it could also be a change in the userland, but I don't see
  any suspicious changes to cdplay.c in that time window, and mixerctl
  hasn't been changed at all in the last year.

Either way, I can't point to a definite regression in the project
sources, so this PR should probably be closed.  Sorry for the noise.

Meanwhile, it seems there has been some work on making cdplay fall back
to digital mode automatically if needed.  I'll try updating to after
those changes and see if that makes cdplay Just Work.

Thanks for the feedback.

-- IDL

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