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Re: PR/45397 CVS commit: src/share/mk

The following reply was made to PR toolchain/45397; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Izumi Tsutsui <>
Subject: Re: PR/45397 CVS commit: src/share/mk
Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2011 01:15:13 +0900

 >  Log Message:
 >  If the number of entries in CLEANFILES is too large, then the
 >  commands in encounter errors like "exec(/bin/sh)
 >  failed (Argument list too long)".  Avoid that by splitting the
 >  files to clean into several lists using different variable names.
 Now make cleandir in libc works fine on CentOS:
 cleandir ===> lib/libc
 (cd /usr/local/src/lib/libc && rm -f libc.a   __sigaction14_sigtramp.o 
__sigtramp2.o compat_ndbmdatum.o compat_setlocale1.o compat_setlocale32.o ...
 ... yp_maplist.o.tmp yp_master.o.tmp yp_match.o.tmp yp_order.o.tmp yplib.o.tmp 
yperr_string.o.tmp ypprot_err.o.tmp || true) 
 (cd /usr/local/src/lib/libc && rm -f libc_p.a __sigaction14_sigtramp.po 
__sigtramp2.po compat_ndbmdatum.po compat_setlocale1.po compat_setlocale32.po 
 ...  yp_maplist.po.tmp yp_master.po.tmp yp_match.po.tmp yp_order.po.tmp 
yplib.po.tmp yperr_string.po.tmp ypprot_err.po.tmp || true) 
 (cd /usr/local/src/lib/libc && rm -f libc_g.a    || true) 
 (cd /usr/local/src/lib/libc && rm -f libc_pic.a*  
__sigaction14_sigtramp.pico __sigtramp2.pico compat_ndbmdatum.pico ...
 ... yp_match.pico.tmp yp_order.pico.tmp yplib.pico.tmp yperr_string.pico.tmp 
ypprot_err.pico.tmp || true)
 (cd /usr/local/src/lib/libc && rm -f llib-lc.ln Lint_Ovfork.ln Lint__setjmp.ln 
Lint_bswap16.ln Lint_bswap32.ln Lint_swapcontext.ln Lint_htonl.ln ...
 ... xdryp.ln yp_all.ln yp_first.ln yp_maplist.ln yp_master.ln yp_match.ln 
yp_order.ln yplib.ln yperr_string.ln ypprot_err.ln || true)
 (cd /usr/local/src/lib/libc && rm -f tags assym.h assym.h.tmp Lint__setjmp.c 
Lint_bswap16.c Lint_bswap32.c Lint_swapcontext.c errlist.c md[45]hl.c ...
 ... tmp___settimeofday50.S nslexer.c nsparser.c nsparser.h a.out [Ee]rrs mklog 
core *.core || true)
 (cd /usr/local/src/lib/libc && rm -f getdirentries.cat3 atomic_add.cat3 
atomic_and.cat3 atomic_cas.cat3 atomic_dec.cat3 atomic_inc.cat3 atomic_ops.cat3 
 ... yperr_string.d yplib.d ypprot_err.d /usr/local/src/lib/libc/tags  || true) 
 cleandir ===> lib/i18n_module
 Izumi Tsutsui

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