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re: toolchain/44848: ideas for enhancing the toolchain tests

>  Tangential to this, what would be the preferred way to test general toolchain
>  issues? Things like the one below are often seen in HEAD. It would be good
>  to have same consistent and easy way to pick these already from the automated
>  test runs.
>       "programs compiles with -pthread and -pg segfault"
>       (As an example; not sure if this particular case is still relevant.)

i'm not sure that these need to be toolchain specific?  ie, just a
test that (if MKPROFILE != no) compiles something -pthread -pg and
then tries to run it (just a hello would be fine.)  for multiple
cases, perhaps a series of flags and a hello.c?

... or am i missing what you mean?

(a much larger issue, IMO, would be getting the gcc testsuite
itself run here some how...but i'm not sure how to do that..)


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