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Re: kern/44843: IPSEC in kernel make IPPROTO_ESP and IPPROTO_AH unusable

>  IPSec uses those two protocols; if you tell NetBSD to implement them in =
>  the kernel, why would you expect to be able to access them from =
>  userland?

To force this choice at kernel-compile time is pretty extreme, in my opinion.

My sample program works on other operating systems.  I don't know
about their kernels as much as I do netbsd's, but I know I can install
racoon on linux without needing a new kernel.  OpenBSD has options
IPSEC in GENERIC and doesn't seem to have a problem.

Is there another example of where enabling an option in the kernel
disables a userland component in such a way?  options INET certainly
doesn't exclude my ability to run a web server.

I didn't see any mention in the options or ipsec man pages mentioning
this impact.

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