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Re: kern/44002: 3ware 9690 (ld driver) doesn't respond after transfer big amount of data

        Hi David,

>  On Thu, Nov 18, 2010 at 04:15:05PM +0000, Jiri Novotny wrote:
>   >  there is the diff between twa.c (r1.28) and our hack:
>   >  [...]
>  Thanks, that was what I wanted to know.


>  Dumps are usually not all that necessary - if you compile the kernel
>  with ddb and set the ddb.onpanic sysctl to 1, it'll drop into the
>  kernel debugger after a panic, at which point what you want to do is
>  get a stack trace (type 'bt') ...also be sure to note the panic
>  message itself.

The sreenshot pictures are at:

is it O.K. for you ?

                                Best regards

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