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Re: kern/43503 Can't create device nodes on LFS

The following reply was made to PR kern/43503; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Martin Husemann <>
Subject: Re: kern/43503 Can't create device nodes on LFS
Date: Fri, 25 Jun 2010 10:37:48 +0200

 Not sure if this makes sense, but here is some additional data:
 The lockup is in line 1197 (I guess it realy means the KERNEL_LOCK in the
 line before that) of VOP_STRATEGY:
 1185    int
 1186    VOP_STRATEGY(struct vnode *vp,
 1187        struct buf *bp)
 1188    {
 1189            int error;
 1190            bool mpsafe;
 1191            struct vop_strategy_args a;
 1192            a.a_desc = VDESC(vop_strategy);
 1193            a.a_vp = vp;
 1194            a.a_bp = bp;
 1195            mpsafe = (vp->v_vflag & VV_MPSAFE);
 1196            if (!mpsafe) { KERNEL_LOCK(1, curlwp); }
 1197            error = (VCALL(vp, VOFFSET(vop_strategy), &a));
 1198            if (!mpsafe) { KERNEL_UNLOCK_ONE(curlwp); }
 1199            return error;
 1200    }
 but the vnode * doesn't seem to make sense:
 db{1}> show vnode 0x688a000
 OBJECT 0x688a000: locked=0, pgops=0x1deb18300100000, npages=4943, refs=29673137
 mp 0xa00000004 numoutput 1 size 0x40000000008 writesize 0x333000002aa        
 data 0x0 writecount 45 holdcnt 0                                     
 tag VT_NON(0) type VNON(0) mount 0xa00000004 typedata 0x0
 v_lock 0x688a108                                         

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