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re: xsrc/42287 (KDE4 unusable with Intel graphic chipsets)

>  On Tue, Jun 08, 2010 at 06:25:02PM +0000, Uwe Krüger wrote:
>  >  Thanks for the hint. Indeed disabling "DAMAGE" and "Composite" results in 
> a 
>  >  clean correct display. I've tested both Intel and Radeon graphic adapters 
> and 
>  >  both work fine. (Of cause without desktop effects, but that doesn't mater 
> to 
>  >  me.)
>  Just FYI -- newer version of both of these were released today,
>  perhaps updating xsrc to them might help?

this doesn't help at all.  one of the updates includes no code changes
at all, and the other one includes just a single additional "FooSync()"
call at some point.  i patched ours to look the same and the problem
remains the same.

i found i only have to turn off one of these, but i don't recall which
it was and that machine is now powered down...


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