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Re: bin/42576

The following reply was made to PR bin/42576; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Dafydd Crosby <>
Subject: Re: bin/42576
Date: Wed, 9 Jun 2010 08:39:36 -0600

 I have an additional patch that cleans up the answers in the trek datfile:
 --- trek.orig  2010-06-08 23:32:54.677404306 -0600
 +++ trek       2010-06-08 23:40:13.045294183 -0600
 @@ -1,19 +1,19 @@
 -captain's name:{James |Jim }{T. }Kirk|{james |jim }{t. }kirk
 -first officers name:Spock|spock|Mr. Spock|mr. spock
 -name of ship:{the }{u.s.s. }enterprise|Enterprise
 -name of the "good guys":{the }Federation|federation|{the }federation
 +captain's name:{James |Jim }{T. }Kirk
 +first officers name:{Mr. }Spock
 +name of ship:{The }{U.S.S. }Enterprise
 +name of the "good guys":{The }Federation
  name of the "bad guys":{the }klingons|{the }romulans
 -nickname of chief engineer:scotty|Scotty
 -nickname of chief medical officer:bones|Bones
 +nickname of chief engineer:Scotty
 +nickname of chief medical officer:Bones
  machine used for transportation to surface of nearby
 -main engines of ship:warp engines|warp
 +main engines of ship:warp{ engines}
  number of crew:400|four hundred
  hand-held weapon:phaser
 -type of torpedoes used on the ship:photon torpedoes|photon
 -name of electronic protective device on ship:shields|shield
 -name of device that makes a ship invisible:cloaking device|cloak|cloaking
 +type of torpedoes used on the ship:photon{ torpedoes}
 +name of electronic protective device on ship:shield{s}
 +name of device that makes a ship invisible:cloak{ing}{ device}
  type of voice that the on-board computer has:female|feminine|woman's
 -where first officer comes from:vulcan|Vulcan
 -rare, but very powerful enemies:romulans|Romulans
 -reaction that main engines operate on:matter-antimatter{
 reaction}|matter/antimatter{ reaction}
 -slow engines used in emergencies:impulse engines|impulse
 +where first officer comes from:Vulcan
 +rare, but very powerful enemies:Romulans
 +reaction that main engines operate on:matter{-|/}antimatter{ reaction}
 +slow engines used in emergencies:impulse{ engines}

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