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Re: kern/43199: read(2) returns bad size in multithreaded programs


it would be possible to try it on 5.x, but that will take some time, because I have to reinstall the system and it is dooing some other productive things for us ... I will come back with the results as soon as I can - I think something around two or three weeks - I'm very busy at the moment ...

W. Stukenbrock

Mindaugas Rasiukevicius wrote:

Wolfgang Stukenbrock <> wrote:


I'm not realy confirm with the multi-thread implementation in the NetBSD-kernel. But I looks to me that the problem is bound to some aspects of parallel work on multiple threads. There has been no problem up to now if we run the backup of all systems and filesystems sequential, but this is not even a sollution for a work around, because that takes too much time ....

Do you have a possibility to try to reproduce this on NetBSD 5.x?
The 5.x and newer are fundamentally different in respect to SMP.

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