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Re: kern/43185: bpf_validate() uses BPF_RVAL() when it should use BPF_SRC()

On Apr 21, 2010, at 2:12 AM, Guy Harris wrote:

> I don't have a NetBSD VM on which to try this, and I'm not sure why I'm not 
> getting a crash on my OpenBSD 4.2 VM (OpenBSD has the same bug), but a live 
> tcpdump capture with a filter of "link[0:4]/0 = 2" *should* get the filter 
> rejected:


> but it doesn't (at least not on OpenBSD 4.2 - the NetBSD bpf_validate() has 
> the same code).

It doesn't because

        1) I'm a moron and forgot that it actually needs to see network traffic 
in order to try the filter


        2) the virtual machine isn't on a particularly busy network, so it 
wasn't getting any traffic.

If I backgrounded tcpdump and then did a ping, crashorama.

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