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Re: port-i386/42966: kernel built from today's netbsd-5 crashes

David Holland <>:

(For completeness, with respect to time slowing down and mouse
selections going wonky in the old kernel booted "by name":)
>  Was the weirdness you saw repeatable, or persist after a hard reset or
>  power cycle? If it just happened once after you had the kernel problem
>  it's quite possible that the bad kernel left the machine in a strange
>  state.

It stopped when I rebooted into the old kernel under the name
/netbsd.  If it had happened only once I would have written it off,
but the sequence of events was:

  1 Put new kernel in place as /netbsd, move old one to /netbsd.old .
  2 "shutdown -r now", machine crashes while booting, select "reboot"
    from db> prompt, which seems to cause a hard reset (machine goes
    through the BIOS's "discover devices" sequence).
  3 Boot into /netbsd.old by name.
  4 Weirdness occurs, but am able to put old kernel back as /netbsd .
  5 "shutdown -r now" (I think it crashed during shutdown, but I'm not
    sure I remember this part accurately).
  6 Boot into old kernel in normal location; all's well.

  7 Try again to build new kernel after removing old object files.
  8 Repeat steps 1-6 exactly.

So it happened twice, and both times the weirdness occurred while
I was booted into the old kernel using the name /netbsd.old, and
stopped after I rebooted into the the old kernel using the name
/netbsd.  The name may be a red herring; I did not have the patience
to try, say, booting twice in a row into /netbsd.old.

Anyway, this is just to answer your question for completeness; it
is probably unrelated to the "i915 crash".  I am about to try
building a new kernel using all the advice I've received over the
past 2 days...

Ms. Anne Bennett, as a private citizen:
Also reachable more officially at work:

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