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Re: bin/42322: ext2fs support incomplete enough for a core dump or two

> > On 21/11/2009, Izumi Tsutsui <> wrote:
> > You mean, the synopsis should be
> >  "fsck_ext2fs(8) dumps core on checking journaled ext2fs" ?
> if you're talking about the bug report,
> I've got multiple core dumps (from fsck_ext2fs(8), fdisk(8) and
> vi(1) so far).

Well, it's better to mention what each actual
problem you get on what command per each command,
i.e. what command you typed and what result what you got
rather than personal impressions in a problem report.

NetBSD doesn't support ext2fs journaling
and fsck_ext2fs(8) man page should clarify it,
but commands should not be dump core anyway.
Izumi Tsutsui

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