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re: port-i386/42313: drm problems with intel Q35

   Nov 14 19:43:11 slug /netbsd: [drm:pid443:drm_netbsd_ioremap] 
[drm:pid443:drm_netbsd_ioremap] ioremap: flags 2
   Nov 14 19:43:11 slug /netbsd: [drm:pid443:drm_netbsd_ioremap] 
[drm:pid443:drm_netbsd_ioremap] ioremap: failed to map (35)
   Nov 14 19:43:11 slug /netbsd: error: [drm:pid443:i915_set_status_page] 
*ERROR* can not ioremap virtual address for G33 hw status page

OK, it's the same ioremap problem the patches from jmorse are trying
to fix.  i haven't looked closely at what drm_netbsd_ioremap() is
trying to do, but this is the place for investigations to start.


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