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Re: bin/41946: rc.d should honour AB_SILENT

On Aug 31,  7:00am, (Alan Barrett) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: bin/41946: rc.d should honour AB_SILENT

|  The last step is tricky because there may be no writable file
|  systems early in the boot, both /var/run and /tmp may be erased by
|  rc.d scripts during the boot, and /usr/bin/tee is not available
|  early in the boot.  Also, I can't easily keep stdout and stderr
|  separate, so I am using the script's exit status (not the presence
|  or absence of output on stderr) to detect errors.  I have it mostly
|  working for the AB_SILENT case, but not for the non-silent case
|  (which needs tee-like functionality).

Andrew [@@@] was talking about using sysctl variable space as scratch
space during boot.


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