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Re: lib/41919: [dM] S_IS*() insufficiently parenthesized

>>>> Synopsis:       [dM] S_IS*() insufficiently parenthesized
>>>     -#define        S_ISDIR(m)      ((m & _S_IFMT) == _S_IFDIR)     /* 
>>> directory */
>>>     +#define        S_ISDIR(m)      (((m) & _S_IFMT) == _S_IFDIR)   /* 
>>> directory */
>> Use your 'commit bit' ...
> I bet he doesn't have a -current tree :-)

I have a relatively current tree; I have a cronjob that sups nightly.
That doesn't matter much, though; if I'm going to commit something, I
fetch it fresh with cvs just before applying the fix anyway.

But (a) I have never been taken off "run commits past someone else
first" probation and (b) my opinion of what's a bug and what isn't has
proven a remarkably poor match for NetBSD's.  While (b) is pretty weak
in this case (this one is fairly clear-cut, as such things go), (a) is
theoretically independent of what the matter at issue is, and in
practice is pretty much so except for thigns that can't actually braek
anything, such as manpage spelling fixes.  (a) is further reinforced
because I can't realistically do a test compile; a build takes many
hours, even on the fastest machine I have which can do it.  (My "fast
house machine" can't build -current, or at least couldn't build
whatever it was I tried around a 4.x timeframe; 1.4T violates some of
the build infrastructure's assumptions.)

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