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re: port-sparc64/38949 (under emul_netbsd32 on sparc64 some applications die with segfault)

   Well I copied 32-bit ld.elf_so to /libexec/ld.elf_so-sparc, but now I
   get the following error when I try to execute 32-bit sh binary:
   # ./sh
   Shared object "" not found
   # ls /usr/lib/sparc/libedit*
   /usr/lib/sparc/libedit.a                /usr/lib/sparc/
   /usr/lib/sparc/               /usr/lib/sparc/libedit_p.a
   /usr/lib/sparc/             /usr/lib/sparc/libedit_pic.a
   Is this because ld.elf_so-sparc that I copied has hardcoded paths
   to /lib which contains 64-bit library files? How do I tell it to look
   into /usr/lib/sparc?

i'm not sure yet -- that's the real problem.

i'll have an idea soon enough.


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