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Re: lib/41257: curses: getyx + wmove violates least astonishment past end-of-line

On Sat, May 09, 2009 at 12:25:02AM +0000, Jed Davis wrote:
>  Except that something is wrong here.  If I write a character which
>  extends up to (but not beyond) the rightmost column of the terminal
>  with addch or add_wch, then it sets __ISPASTEOL and leaves the cursor
>  position at the *beginning* of the character.  It's only if I use addstr
>  that the cursor gets into the one-past-the-end state.

Right.  That is why I said previously that trying to paper over the
bug by adjusting the return of getyx() is not a good idea.  I will
generate another patch soon that should remove the off by one error.

Brett Lymn
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