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Re: port-hp700/35531: iee0 does not work on 735/99 wrote:

> I've tested this on my 715/50 against netbsd-5 as I've got too many changes 
> in 
> my -current source trees :)

The same patch can be applied to -current too ;-)

> >  As noted in comments, it might be better to detect chip revision
> >  and switch flags at runtime, but I can't find how we ca do it
> >  in the Intel manual.
> Is it worth running IEE_SYSBUS_BE at all? Is there a big performance impact 
> on 
> the machines with rev C chips? If there isn't a big hit I'd say we just use 
> iee(4) without IEE_SYSBUS_BE on hppa.

The manual says "no software byteswap code is required on
the enhanched BE mode" so the only difference is
"(((x) << 16) | ((x) >> 16))" ops around 32 bit pointers,
but I don't think they are so expensive.

I'll commit the patch after some more tests.

Izumi Tsutsui

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