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re: bin/41289: usr.sbin/cpuctl does not correctly identify new Intel CPUs

   > One thing stikes me about this. If we get a text string out of the CPU, why
   > bother trying to pretty-print further?
   Hmm, good question.  I'd always thought that the text string was 
   actually loaded into the CPU by BIOS, but I just checked the spec, and 
   that doesn't seem to be true.  (Maybe it is true for AMD processors, I 
   really don't know anymore.)  Regardless, as I see it, we've always tried 
   to make our own determination.

my reading of the intel or amd manual a month or so ago said that
the bios is expected to load 48 chars for the cpuid string.  i don't
recall which off hand, but i think intel.


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