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Re: kern/41225: sys_mqueue.c mq->mq_notify_proc can disappear

> >Number:         41225
> >Category:       kern
> >Synopsis:       sys_mqueue.c mq->mq_notify_proc can disappear
> ...
> >Description:
> Message queues are tied to file descriptors and so can live across
> fork().
> mq_notify() does: mq->mq_notify_proc = l->l_proc;
> It looks like this process can exit while the mqueue still persists.

When process is closing the descriptor (by exit or directly), the
mq_notify_proc is checked by mq_close_fop():

Therefore it seems to be a small race condition, with window here:

Holding proc_lock before release of mq->mq_mtx should fix the problem:

Looks good?

> Maybe a better solution:
> In addition to a pid, store a generation number per struct proc.
> Every time a pid is allocated, increment the generation number.
> Add a p_find_gen() or similar that looks for a pid and also
> compares the generation numbers.
> This number could be a 64-bit system global (under proc_lock) or
> we could have one for each pid table slot. I don't personally see
> a big disadvantage to having a global. ??

That would be a general way to ensure uniqueness. Are there any other
users (or other usefulness) of such interface?

Best regards,

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