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re: misc/41224: a number of pseudodependencies in /etc/rc.d are not CAPITALIZED

   The following pseudo-dependencies are listed in /etc/rc.d/*'s PROVIDE
   and REQUIRE lines but do not correspond to actual started
   facilities. Such dummy provides/requires are supposed to be  in all caps:
   Other pseudos like LOGIN and NETWORK are handled properly.
   Note that for some of these, like "tty", there is an actual script,
   "ttys", and the depend should be renamed "ttys" or the script should
   be renamed "tty". For others, like mail, the dependency should clearly
   be named "MAIL".
   This is not just a question of being nutty about a standard -- it
   makes it much easier to figure out what is a pseudodependency and what
   is not.

i don't agree with this.

these all provide a particular service.

LOGIN, NETWORK and DAEMON are about particular points in the graph
that aren't about any particular service, but about a collection
of them.  i guess the only one i agree with is disks.

tty vs. ttys file name is irrelevant.  it can probably be fixed,
but it's no more "pseudo" than any of bluetooth, bootconf, ide,
localswap, nonlocalswap.  mail is not quite so clear, but since
it is a "particular service", rather than a "group" it also
doesn't fit.


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