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Re: port-vax/41139: pipe(2) seems broken on VAX

Christos Zoulas wrote:
> |     One other note - this also appears to have been the problem with using 
> |  scp on the vax to transfer files.  My scp copies no longer get corrupted 
> |  data.  [Since scp does a pipe to run the remote ssh command and copies the 
> |  data from the pipe, this makes sense.]
> Can't we do?
>       while (len >= 64K) {
>               movc3 64K-1, ...
>               len -= 64K-1;
>       }
>       movc3 len, ...
> In kcopy, copyin and copyout?
It may be worth trying, but it also may require significantly more code.
The movc3 instruction handles overlapping copies, but if the data block is
larger than 64k then it must be done manually.  This is only a problem for 
copy{in,out} should not overlap :-)

The cvs problem is most likely something else, it existed before the fast pipe 

-- Ragge

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