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re: install/41117: ddb.onpanic=0 in default sysctl.conf(5) could cause error

   | >Fix:
   | There are several suggestions in source-changes-d thread:
   | - add an option to sysctl(8) to ignore error
   | - introduce a new syntax for sysctl(8) to see if the specified node is 
   | But for 5.0 release, we might need simpler workaround.
   | (adding a dummy ddb.onpanic stub for !DDB case in some source?)
   It is simpler and adds consistency to add ddb to the sparc kernel.

that's not enough.  there are a bunch of ports that don't have
DDB enabled by default.  and i don't see why they should be
forced to... make the sysctl.conf handling smarter.


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