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Re: misc/40977: /var/backups/work/device.current is overly sensitive to ls(1) co

   Date: Sat,  7 Mar 2009 02:32:23 -0500
   From: "David H. Gutteridge" <>

   I could be mistaken, but I believe you can use the variable
   $check_devices_ignore_paths that's defined in
   /etc/defaults/security.conf (and can be overwritten in
   /etc/security.conf) to specify you want to ignore tty devices.  That
   string gets turned into find(1) "-path" arguments that are then pruned.
   That could be a workaround for you.

Yes, I think that will approximately work, but as you say, it's only a
workaround, not a solution, and it works around only one of the
problems, namely that of the log file's thousandfold increase in
expansion rate.  It won't help me to see important changes in the
diffs.  For instance, if a user named `meddling-interloper' takes some
tty devices, I'd like to see that.

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