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Re: kern/40643: wsfb/genfb doesn't restore palette on switch from X to console wrote:
        When switching from X to console with genfb and xf86-video-wsfb, and
        genfb is running in 8bpp paletted mode, the standard rasops palette
        is not restored properly. Shutting down the X server restores the
        palette as expected.

Looks like a genfb issue;

If the bus glue provides an ioctl callback (as is the case with genfb_pci), the generic WSDISPLAYIO_SMODE path is never called, from genfb.c:genfb_ioctl():

    /* notify the bus backend */
    if (sc->sc_ops.genfb_ioctl)
        return sc->sc_ops.genfb_ioctl(sc, vs,
            cmd, data, flag, l);


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