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Re: port-i386/26373 (Booting install CD hangs)

On Sun, Nov 30, 2008 at 11:08:30AM -0800, John Nemeth wrote:
 > } Is this still a problem? The bootloader's changed quite a bit since 1.6.
 >      Old Thinkpads didn't like the 2.88 floppy image El Torito boot
 > method used in the past (it appeared to only support 1.44 floppy
 > image).  I have this problem with my Thinkpad.  The newer style CD boot
 > works fine for me.  Looking at all the details in the PR, it appears
 > this was the problem.  This PR can probably be closed as, even if the
 > problem isn't solved, it is a BIOS bug.

That sounds reasonable.

David A. Holland

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