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Re: port-macppc/40054: powerbook g4/500 titanium problem with netbsd-5: no speaker output w/ awacs

Sounds like you just found Yet Another Wiring Variant for awacs' headphone detect gpio.
Please try this pseudo patch to macppc/dev/awacs.c:
static int
awacs_check_headphones(struct awacs_softc *sc)
        uint32_t reg;
        reg = awacs_read_reg(sc, AWACS_CODEC_STATUS);
- DPRINTF("%s: codec status reg %08x\n", device_xname(sc- >sc_dev), reg); + printf("%s: codec status reg %08x\n", device_xname(sc- >sc_dev), reg); return ((reg & sc->sc_headphones_mask) == sc- >sc_headphones_in);

Boot a kernel with this and then plug and unplug headphones a few times. The kernel should output the gpio readings every time you (un)plug them. Please mail me the output, this should help me to find out which bit is the headphone status on your particular PowerBook. Alternatively you can just add 'options AWACS_DEBUG' to your kernel config but that would probably give too much output. Also, please tell me what's in your PowerBook's /compatible property ( Should be something like 'PowerBook5,3' ) so I can add a machine- specific entry to awacs' quirks table.

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