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Re: bin/40050: scanpci can't find a shared library

    Date:        Fri, 28 Nov 2008 11:37:48 +0100
    From:        Jonathan Glaschke <>
    Message-ID:  <20081128103748.GA5858%cioccolato.jogla@localhost>

  | > That's with native xorg, right? (That is, not xorg from pkgsrc.)

  | Right, that's "complete installation" in the netbsd 4.0.1 install cd
  | with the ftp path i posted in the bug report..

In that case, it isn't "native xorg" but "XFree86", that's what was
on 4.0.1 (native xorg is only on 5.0 (BETA now) and current, I believe).

There are lots of packages these days that simply don't work with
XFree86 any more, and there seems to be no interest in fixing (most of) them.

The impression I've gathered from message reading is that you're really
supposed to switch to modular xorg (from pkgsrc) on any system without native
xorg - which means trashing everything X related (you can probably just
leave /usr/X11R6 but it is unlikely to ever be used again), and rebuilding
the world.


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