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Re: kern/39564: wapbl performance issues with disk cache flushing


here's some more data on this case.  I increased the amount of
buffering in lockstat.c to be able to do a lockstat over an
entire build (increased LOCKSTAT_MAXBUFS tenfold, and bumped
LOCKSTAT_HASH_SIZE by 8), and with vfs.wapbl.flush_disk_cache=0,
I repeated these two tests:

4) A standard " -j 16":

   6001.172u 2184.995s 29:04.68 469.2%     0+0k 12721+559454io 56360pf+0w

5) as in 4), but with the sync shell loop, 1 second delay:

   5751.959u 2341.618s 21:22.68 630.9%     0+0k 8+45947io 32327pf+0w

The corresponding lockstat files are, respectively

I'm no expert in interpreting the lockstat output, but perhaps
someone with more experience in the kernel innards can dig out
some more useful information from this.

Best regards,

- Håvard

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