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Re: lib/39215: getdevmajor()/major() types don't match said:
> On Aug 1,  2:45pm, (David Holland) wrote:
> | I guess it's time for devmajor_t and devminor_t?
> Yes, and I like those names better than just major_t and minor_t since
> they are less namespace pollutant :-) 

I've just done a full build with that, to see what it takes.
Using devmajor_t and devminor_t in the API is simple, as long
as it stays a signed int:-)
If I try to play with this, a lot of format string warnings
show up because the result of major() or minor() is
printed with "%d" at a lot of places. So typecasts are needed.
Also the DISKUNIT() etc macros need to get explicite typecasts.

That's all not too serious, but it is more work than one
would initially expect. I'll try to come up with patches.

best regards

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