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Re: kern/39211: ubsa device does no longer work since January 2008

Matthias Drochner wrote:

>> But I'm anxious that uhmodem needs ubsa to be at usbifif
> If it does, it is incorrect, and needs to be fixed. ubsa
> was there earlier, and there is no excuse for breaking it.

Ok. Agreed.

> I'm not going to break uhmodem intentionally, and we should
> try to solicit testers,

I hoped to ask Ichiro about uhmodem, but he doesn't reply since weeks.

> but the ubsa attachment change is
> obviously wrong and it is pure luck that it doesn't lead
> to crashes.

It does lead to crashes. I had lots of them while experimenting with the
usbifif attachment.

> So did you test with UBSA_DEFAULT_CONFIG_INDEX set to 0 or 1?

I applied your patch completely. So UBSA_DEFAULT_CONFIG_INDEX is set to 0.

I think we may commit the patch and close the bug.
Thanks a lot.

Frank Wille

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