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re: toolchain/38512

    This is caused by the dependant .l and .y having a newer timestamp, so
    these files need to be moved to the DISABLED rule. Below is a local patch
    that is being used in house.

this patch is clearly the right thing.  i'll get it applied,
and similar other issues fixed up too.


    --- src/gnu/dist/gcc4/gcc/       2007-06-22 04:11:14.000000000 
    +++ src-test/gnu/dist/gcc4/gcc/  2008-07-23 19:09:15.000000000 
    @@ -2973,14 +2973,14 @@
     build/gengtype-yacc.o : gengtype-yacc.c gengtype.h $(BCONFIG_H) 
       coretypes.h $(GTM_H)
    -gengtype-lex.c : gengtype-lex.l
    +gengtype-lex.c :
        @echo "NOT REBUILDING $@"
    +NetBSD_DISABLED_gengtype-lex.c: gengtype-lex.l
        -$(FLEX) $(FLEXFLAGS) -o$@ $<
    -gengtype-yacc.c gengtype-yacc.h: gengtype-yacc.y
    +gengtype-yacc.c gengtype-yacc.h:
        @echo "NOT REBUILDING $@"
    +NetBSD_DISABLED_gengtype-yacc.c: gengtype-yacc.y
        -$(BISON) $(BISONFLAGS) -d -o gengtype-yacc.c $<
     build/genconditions$(build_exeext) : build/genconditions.o \

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