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Re: kern/39044: spurious '\n' received from USB-Modems

Matthias Drochner wrote: said:
Removing the
                                (*rint)('\n', tp);
   line from ucom.c doesn't seem to harm

Maybe, but to understand what's going on it would help
to know which of the 3 possible conditions trigger this.
(status == USBD_CANCELLED || status == USBD_IOERROR ||

I inserted:
                logprintf("status = %d, sc->sc_dying = %d\n", status,

The result is:
    Jul  1 14:05:49 joghurt /netbsd: status = 6, sc->sc_dying = 0

status = 6 is USBD_CANCELLED.

Some more investigation showed (and a mail from Matthias Drochner) showed, that it is ucomclose calling ucom_cleanup that triggers the spurious \n. The \n is inserted into the tty queue at device close time and delivered, when I open the device. Is there any reason to to insert the \n into the queue when doing a device close?

Regards, Matthias
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