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Re: kern/38956

The following reply was made to PR kern/38956; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Hans Rosenfeld <>
Subject: Re: kern/38956
Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2008 18:48:31 +0200

 I've seen the same problem on vax. Somewhere in the boot some process
 would just hang, when breaking into ddb I get this trace:
 Stopped in pid 117.1 (syslogd) at       netbsd:cpu_Debugger+0x15: mfpr    $
 , r1           
 db> trace      
 Process 117.1  
          PCB contents:
  KSP = 0x8b9ecb14
  ESP = 0x8b9eb064
  SSP = 0x87afbc40
  USP = 0x7fffea58
  R[00] = 0x00000001       R[06] = 0x80697c58
  R[01] = 0x00000008       R[07] = 0x80102e94
  R[02] = 0x00004000       R[08] = 0x8b9ecb98
  R[03] = 0x00000000       R[09] = 0x00000000
  R[04] = 0x00000000       R[10] = 0x00000000
  R[05] = 0x8b9ecd18       R[11] = 0x80103160
  AP = 0x8b9ecb3c
  FP = 0x8b9ecb28
  PC = 0x80000743
  PSL = 0x1f0000
  Trap frame pointer: 0x8b9ecfb4
 Stack traceback :
 0x8b9ecb28: rb_tree_find_node+0x24(0x87afa300,0x8b9ecb98)
 0x8b9ecb4c: uvm_pagelookup+0x14(0x87afa2e8,0,0)
 0x8b9ecba4: uvn_findpages+0x37(0x87afa2e8,0,0,0x8b9ecd28,0x8b9ece90,0x3)
 0x8b9ecbec: genfs_getpages+0xe55(0x8b9ecd70)
 0x8b9ecd9c: uvn_get+0x3c(0x87afa2e8,0,0,0x8b9ece90,0x8b9ecef4,0,0x1,0,0x40)
 0x8b9ecddc: uvm_fault_internal+0xa14(0x87e36bb8,0x10000,0x1,0)
 0x8b9ecf00: trap+0x233(0x8b9ecfb4)
 I tried the proposed fix for m68k and it seems to work for vax, too.
 %SYSTEM-F-ANARCHISM, The operating system has been overthrown

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