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Re: toolchain/33052 (ld refuse "-Tdata" option on NetBSD/hpcmips)

On Fri, Apr 18, 2008 at 11:51:58AM +0100, Nick Hudson wrote:
 > > This is a lame and long-standing bug in GNU binutils. If you complain to
 > > them loudly enough, they might fix it, but that's not too likely. (They
 > > will just tell you that -Tdata doesn't make sense in ELF, which is
 > > nonsense, and tell you to use a linker script, which is a pain.) If
 > > skrll wants to fix it, great, but realistically that probably isn't going
 > > to happen.
 > It's fixed in binutils 2.18
 > I was going to close this when/if I imported a newer bintuils.

Ah, neat.

(Did they fix it right, so -Tdata sets the base address for all
read-write-nonexecute sections? Or leave it so it moves only .data,
leaving other stuff behind, and only fix the complaint about too many
program headers?)

Anyway, you can still close it when/if you import a new binutils...

(and yes, it took me two months to write this message. hush.)
David A. Holland

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