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Re: misc/38979 (Document syscalls of src/sys/kern/sys_sched.c)

On Wednesday, 18 Jun 2008 4:22:34 wrote:

> Have you taken a look at sched(3) and
> affinity(3) man pages?
> Scheduling functions are mostly documented.

I couldn't find affinity(3) under 4.99.64, but did see sched(3)
before filling this PR.  Note that sched(3) describes the librt POSIX
API (section 3) while the syscalls work on LWPs and should be
documented in section 2, IMO.

Just like the various _lwp_*(2) syscalls were documented as well as
pthread(3).  Although we now use one LWP per thread under -current,
the implementer of an alternate pthread library might still expect to
access this documentation via apropos/man.

I filed this PR a a reminder so that I can later on append man pages
as follow-up as time permits...
Matthew Mondor

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