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Re: kern/38892: msdosfs panic

To summarize the current state of investigation, AFAICT:
<> on tech-kern
points out that the getblk() semantics changed so that it's possible
for it to return NULL. (This change was made around Jan-Feb by ad.)

Around 15 May, hannken made a bunch of changes to msdosfs and friends
to change the semantics of bread; at that time, sys/kern/vfs_bio.c was
also changed to add a bunch of KASSERT()s. One of the asserts is the
        bp->b_vp == NULL || bp->b_vp->v_tag != VT_UFS ||
            ISSET(bp->b_flags, B_COWDONE)
one that's actually causing the panics. Why UFS gets special treatment,
I don't know.

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