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Re: kern/38817 (regression in acpi sleep on lifebook S6510)

On Wed, Jun 11, 2008 at 07:01:56PM +0000, wrote:
> Can you try with sources from Apr 12th?

The machine sleeps reliably with sources from April 12th - though I have
to disable the usb hubs to get the kernel to boot (stack overflow) and
the msk, mskc and lpt devices.

The sleep failure with -current does seem a bit erratic, sometimes the
machine will sleep ok with -current but sometimes it just hangs.  It seems
like if the machine manages to sleep it will do so quite consistently for
a while and at other times it will just decide it is going to hang on sleep.
In either case it seems to be stuck in that "mode" for multiple tries, even
power off/on cycles don't change the behaviour, it only seems to change
if the machine is left off for a while - how long that while is I don't

Brett Lymn

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