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Re: kern/38528 (panic on unplugging Apple USB keyboard) wrote:
I've reorganized the code somewhat, could you try with -current?

A -current kernel still panics. The backtrace is different now:

uhub2: uhub0 port 6 (addr 3) disconnected
uhidev0: at uhub2 port 3 (addr 4) disconnected
wskbd1: detached
ukbd0: detached
uhidev0: detached
uhidev1: at uhub2 port 3 (addr 4) disconnected
uvm_fault(0xffffffff80cac800, 0x0, 1) -> e
kernel: page fault trap, code=0
Stopped in pid 0.40 (system) at netbsd:uhidev_childdet+0x32: cmpq 0(%rax),%r12
db{1}> bt
uhidev_childdet() at netbsd:uhidev_childdet+0x32
config_detach() at netbsd:config_detach+0x1de
uhidev_detach() at netbsd:uhidev_detach+0x80
config_detach() at netbsd:config_detach+0x192
usb_disconnect_port() at netbsd:usb_disconnect_port+0x69
uhub_detach() at netbsd:uhub_detach+0x82
config_detach() at netbsd:uhub_detach+0x192
usb_disconnect_port() at netbsd:usb_disconnect_port+0x69
uhub_explore() at netbsd:uhub_explore+0x11e
usb_discover() at netbsd:usb_discover+0x37
usb_event_thread() at netbsd:usb_event_thread+0x3e

The %rax is 0  in the cmpq 0(%rax),%r12 instruction.
So it's a NULL dereference bug.


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