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Re: port-amd64/38682: PCI_BUS_FIXUP is missing from amd64 port

Andrew Doran wrote:

 It would be nice to do this by default. A comment from Linux
138 PCI-to-PCI Bridge Architecture Specification rev. 1.1 (1998)
 139    requires that if there is no I/O ports or memory behind the
 140    bridge, corresponding range must be turned off by writing base
 141    value greater than limit to the bridge's base/limit registers.
How does it fail at run time without the FIXUP option?

Without my patch and FIXUP option, the bridge only has i/o accesses enabled, so cbb and fwohci can't map mem space.

FYI I moved bus and addr fixup options to x86 last night, and I'm now running a kernel with PCI_BUS_FIXUP and PCI_ADDR_FIXUP instead of the patch posted in the PR.

If you want to turn on those two options by default, I'm all for it.


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