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Re: PR/38391 CVS commit: src/sys/kern

>  Modified Files:
>       src/sys/kern: uipc_usrreq.c
>  Log Message:
>  If cm->cmsg_len is not valid for unp_internalize do not use it to work out
>  where the data is in unp_scan.
>  Fixes PR/38391

Yes, kernel no longer crashes and sshd (without fix in PR/38396)
fails (properly?):

>> sshd[491]: error: mm_send_fd: sendmsg(7): Invalid argument
>> sshd[491]: fatal: mm_answer_pty: send fds failed
>> sshd[491]: error: close(s->ptymaster/0): Bad file descriptor
>> sshd[554]: error: mm_receive_fd: recvmsg: expected received 1 got 0
>> sshd[554]: fatal: mm_pty_allocate: receive fds failed

Should also this be pulled up to netbsd-4?
Izumi Tsutsui

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